When I Think Of Croatia


I think of sea. A peaceful summer morning before people crawl out of their beds. Sound of seagulls in the distance blending in with fade fog raising above the glass-like surface. Early rays of woken-up sun, reminding you it’s gonna be a hot day. I remember early mornings, lugging sand with my dad, on a […]



Royal Alexandra Interpro[...]


This very interesting looking bridge is one of the first things I photographed when we came to Ottawa. The light wasn’t very special at the moment but I really liked the symmetry. (It would also be cool if the word symmetry was symmetrical) Then we crossed it and ended up in Gatineau, Quebec. That’s why […]



Lean On Each Other


We are all different individuals, with our own thoughts, bodies, deficiencies and talents, despite the fact that we resemble each other. We have limited time, resources and connections. Even if you knew how to do everything, you would probably lack the time to do it. That’s why we’re each others’ support! Allow yourself to receive […]



What’s In My Photo[...]


This post answers the question “What camera do you use?“, plus much more. It’s an update to the old post with the same title since quite a lot changed since I wrote it (even since I updated it). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This means you’ll find links throughout this article […]



Useful bash commands


This article is a living document and I’ll update it with new commands and change and fix any of the existing ones as needed. Start CouchDB in a Docker container Start CouchDB version 2.3.1 in a Docker container with port 5984 open so it’s available on the host on the same port. Start CouchDB version […]



Semolina Pudding


One of my favorite childhood comfort foods, and although you can add lots of different flavors, I like mine simple just made with milk and sugar! I remembered what my grandmother made me when I use to sleep over at her place without my parents. It made me feel safe and warm and occasionally I […]


I take fun seriously, or better: have serious fun. I make everything I approach seriously fun, which takes a toll on my results, making everything beautiful and precise (like German meeting French on a hot summer night). I could have been a great plastic surgeon if it wasn’t for my belief that everyone’s beautiful if you know how to look. That took me on a path of creative technology and photography, finding art in everything I do (yes, programming is an art).

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