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3-in-3 is a place where all the coolest things are boiled down to their essence and then deep-fried into the crunchiest, tastiest snacks.

I got to wear many hats 🤠:

🚀 Freelancer
🌱 Startup Co-founder
🏛️ Govt. company
🏢 Small Biz
🥇 Startup 1st software engineer
🌐 Fortune 100

Some notable wins 🏆:

➡️ Built 100K+ follower brands 📈
➡️ Scaled website 0 to 1M daily hits 🎯
➡️ Open-sourced Fortune 100 project 🌍

I love helping startups & solopreneurs grow.

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Latest in Travelling

Royal Alexandra Interpro[...]

This very interesting looking bridge is one of the first things I photographed when we came to Ottawa. The light wasn’t very special at the moment but I really liked the symmetry. (It would also be cool if the word symmetry was symmetrical) Then we crossed it and ended up in Gatineau, Quebec. That’s why […]



Latest in Thinker

The paradox of difficult[...]

Do you ever find yourself avoiding a task just because it seems too hard? Do you stop before you even start? What if I told you that the difficulty you perceive might not be real? The truth is, we all have a tendency to overestimate the difficulty of a task, especially when we’re feeling overwhelmed […]



Latest in Photography

What’s In My Photo[...]

This post answers the question “What camera do you use?“, plus much more. It’s an update to the old post with the same title since quite a lot changed since I wrote it (even since I updated it). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This means you’ll find links throughout this article […]



Latest in Tech

AI and Wealth Inequality[...]

HOT TAKE: People who refuse to use AI because of concerns it will contribute to widening the economic gap might be actively contributing to making their concerns a reality. Ok, I’ll explain. It seems highly likely that AI will facilitate another wealth transfer. You create value by giving society what it wants. If you do […]



Latest in Food

Apricot Meringue Pie

This is one of my favorite desserts from my Mom’s recipe notebook. The original recipe is a square shape but I like the pie shape so I transformed it to my liking 😉 My Mom used to eat it hot, straight from the oven! It is creamy and crispy at the same time and the […]