Mornings On Top

Morning On Top… lead to days on top.

I’ve already written about the magic of mornings before. That’s because there is something magical about starting first and being there first. But that’s not all.

There are two obvious ways you can wake up before the Sun. First is obvious, intentional. Basically, you look up the time Sun is getting up tomorrow, subtract some and put it into your alarm clock.
Second is winning the lottery. Get out and party ’till your body gives up. That lands you […]

The Walls We Build

 The Walls We Build… and the road they lead us to. We build walls to keep others out. It started with bears (before Teddy Roosevelt made them cute), dragons, mammoths, witches, and magical creatures. Also weather, cold, burglars, ninjas, and other real threats. From there it continues to every other aspect of life. We want to feel safe […]

Tribute To A Friend

 Beyond The WallHe was an entrepreneur, and he enjoyed the good life. This goes hand in hand for me. It might have for him too, it didn’t show.

We didn’t go out and chase chicks together, but in some other lifetime we might have. He already had an awesome wife by the time we met, and a daughter roughly my age, and a son roughly my brother’s. That didn’t prevent him for being my wing-man from time to time. Well, he tried. It wasn’t his fault I wasn’t willing to pursue anything but instead talked to him. There was enough time for girls, I thought. I hope he wasn’t too disappointed in me.

We met one spring day on the outskirts of nowhere, where heaven met earth…

Beyond The Wall

 Beyond The WallWould you rather enjoy the view from the top of the island’s high wall or go explore vastness beyond it?

I suppose there is no right answer here, like in so many other questions, it depends on the mood you’re in.
I was going up there for the view and upon seeing it, wanted to explore all those distant places the Sun shined upon.

Sometimes we can do both, just one at a time.


A wanderer with curious mind and passion for life!


Could there be a better person to explore the world with? :)

Backpack in place, food and water in the back, recording devices prepared, enthusiasm high and feet on the road.
Another adventure began!

Werewolf Adventures – SuperMoon Sea

 Werewolf Adventures - SuperMoon SeaIt finally came! The largest moon of the year!

Auuuu! It was big…

Auuuu! It was shiny…

I knew it was coming but it took me by surprise anyhow. Things seemed just as normal as always. Fish were swimming, people fishing, tomorrow’s lunches looked promising… Sun wasn’t even properly down yet when it came. Like a huge fireball behind the hills, up it went. Giant red ball took over everything. Its presence was touchable. Fish stopped biting, wind stopped blowing, I stopped moving…
It was saying…

It’s Not About The Camera – Making Great Photos With Shitty Equipment

Let’s spread some inspiration here and get people out shooting with what they have instead of waiting for the right job to get the right money to buy the right equipment to figure out they should have started earlier, shall we? πŸ˜€
I had an interesting conversation on my latest Google+ post regarding “Not So Lonely – Revisitedphoto the other day. It was the “you’re great but you’ve got a great camera too, I couldn’t possible do anything similar with what I have” type of conversation. See what came out of it πŸ˜‰

Not So Lonely – Revisited

 Not So Lonely - RevisitedI was here two years ago. Things were different. There was no road, it took some ‘hiking’ on the shore or a boat to get there, and I didn’t have a boat, so guess what it was. :) For the last, toughest part, I went alone, my dad drove me to some point but stayed, no-one was crazy enough to follow me there.

The Uprising Of Autonomous Robots

When the robot uprising begins, don’t try to take on our new overlords by throwing assorted household items at them. It won’t work!
Greg Kumparak

catcherIt’s not just the catching part what’s interesting here, it’s the way hand learns how to do it.

More and more parts of autonomous human-like robots are getting figured out across the globe. They are getting faster, lighter, and use artificial intelligence to…

Notification Circle on Google+ And Why You Need One

Gplus add circle hoverEveryone who creates unique and great content have, at some point, had people asking “Can you please notify me of your new posts?”.

If you’re one of the content creators, point them to this article. If you’re one of the folks who want to be notified of great content, this is for you.