I take fun seriously, or better: have serious fun. I make everything I approach seriously fun, which takes a toll on my results, making everything beautiful and precise (like German meeting French on a hot summer night). I could have been a great plastic surgeon if it wasn’t for my belief that everyone’s beautiful if you know how to look. That took me on a path of creative technology and photography, finding art in everything I do (yes, programming is an art). I’ll take you with me on my journey to the stars, having serious fun along the way.

Throughout good and bad, I have Jasmina on my side, for which I’m super grateful cause I wouldn’t be able to do half of things I do without her continuous support.

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  1. Im new to this site. I just stumbled upon ot and felt fortunate. Im beginning a new career from Graphic Arts to Photography due to a hand injury when young. Complicated by malpractice.
    I was the artist for the USFWS. US Fish & Wildlife Service. Ive had reconstructive surgeries and have taughtmyself many new skills. I purchased and familiarized myself with Photoshop & illustrator mainly and have purchased a middle of the road Canon Rebel T2i.
    I really love the HDR stuff im seeing. What pays bills and what I love are often divergent. ๐Ÿ™‚
    My names Dietz Stoltman
    Anything else?

    1. Hi Dietz!
      Getting from Graphic Arts to Photography doesn’t seem like a long jump, and if you like it too, it may turn out great ๐Ÿ˜€
      Being an artist (or photographer) for the USFWS sounds great too, close to what National Geographic photographers do, isn’t it?

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