Royal Alexandra Interprovincial Bridge

Royal Alexandra Interprovincial Bridge

This very interesting looking bridge is one of the first things I photographed when we came to Ottawa. The light wasn’t very special at the moment but I really liked the symmetry. (It would also be cool if the word symmetry was symmetrical)

Then we crossed it and ended up in Gatineau, Quebec. That’s why it’s locally known as Interprovincial Bridge, as well as Alexandra Bridge. Not sure why it’s not called Royal Bridge as well, but I guess two nicknames along the full name are quite enough.

It’s over 100 years old and used to hold some length records in its time but as it usually goes, someone younger came along and overthrew it. The younger chap was Quebec Bridge. Quebec now doesn’t have to share one side of the record with Ontario, I guess.

Workers had to constantly break the ice on the river when building the bridge. It’s Canada, so why I’m saying this?
Imagine approaching someone at the bar: “I’m an ice-breaker, nice to meet you!”

Again, it’s Canada so it’s 50-50 if they’d laugh at that…

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