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I am a fun loving, cake baking, food cooking, people caring, always dancing, nature enjoying chatterbox! My goal is to get you enjoy preparing your food with or for the people you care about. My persistence on doing things I love against all odds makes my following growing and my waistline thin 😉 I am a child inside and shy at times but enjoy making people happy, and still learning to live with it 🙂

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  • Egg Whites Cake
    This cake… could not be simpler 🙂 I usually make it when I make Croatian jam cookies as I have leftover egg whites. You can use many ingredients to elevate this simple cake. […]
  • The Cake from town Ston, Croatia
    Traditional cake from a place called Ston, Croatia. Mali Ston or Little Ston, a tiny little village at the end of the isthmus that connects the Pelješac Peninsula with the mainland of the […]
  • Moroccan Lemon Cake (Meskouta with Lemon)
    This traditional Moroccan cake is one of my favorite lemon cakes ever. I love its soft structure and amazing lemon flavor. It goes perfectly with Moroccan traditional mint tea, but I enjoy it […]
  • Chocolate Roll
    Chocolate lovers are going to be thrilled with this Swiss roll. It’s made of chocolate sponge cake, chocolate cream and chocolate glaze. Yes, chocolate everything! As I said, chocolate heaven! Ingredients For the […]
  • Chocolate Tiramisu
    Years ago, my foodie friend Anna Jane Dalton made this dessert live on Google+ Hangouts. We had so much fun naming it live while we watched Anna Jane prepare it. Finally we agreed […]
  • Chocolate Magic Custard Cake
    This is one of those magical chocolate desserts that melt in your mouth! The name fits perfectly, it is very moist and it tastes almost like chocolate mousse! Try it out and dig […]

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