Preko Sunset and Why We Need Hope

Every now and again we need some hope in life. Not because we’re weak or because we can’t handle life, although it does get hard. Especially these days.

We need hope to help us forget that things are out of our control. Hope helps by giving us the feeling that things are going to be ok if we do our best. We need that sense of control to keep calm. We need that sensation of knowing what’s next. We need to fool ourselves into thinking we can predict the future. We’d go crazy without it.

It’s why experiencing a scene like this, or even just seeing a photo, can bring this serenity.

Sun will set, boats will float. Soothing colors will fill the sky and reflect over the sea surface. And sun will rise in the morning again. It always did.

That’s how we predict the future. And if we can do that, then maybe other things we’re trying to control will also happen.

It gives us hope.

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