Found A Treasure Chest!

Found a Treasure Chest

Have you ever found some cool looking peace just lying around the hall? What did you do with it?

I’ve found a chest with my name on it, just lingering in the corner of the hall, in a house half way across the world. Curious, as I usually get, but cautious, as I also usually get, I cleared the furniture, put the chest in the middle and set the camera on timer.

I set down against the wall, contemplating, mentally preparing myself for what can be in it. Some childhood nightmare, hidden away to allow happy memories to thrive? Hidden treasure to enable me happy life once I become of age and venture to the wonderful new world? Something must have struck a chord…

The chest lid sprang open!

A flash of bright green light illuminated the hall. I jumped from my seat and flew toward the chest to close it: “I’m not ready yet!”

Camera timer went off…

What do you think happened next?

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