Ideas list

Updated daily(ish) with new ideas at the top.

If you have any ideas you’d like see added to this list, share them in the comments 🙂

  • “Force field” for child/pet fence
  • A way to verify your trading rules are on point
  • Underwear with no labels on the inside for extra bit of comfort
  • Widget (KDE plasmoid) that tells you if there are (active) webcams on your system
  • App that rewrites your sentences to mean the same thing but rhyme
  • Live view of Earth from Moon (“I can see my house from here!”)
  • Baby language translator
  • Finishing university courses, but instead of getting into it and paying for it, find the course curriculum and document your efforts on social media
  • Smart toothbrush that scans your teeth for early signs of problems as you use it
  • A way of silently using speech to text interface and applications
  • Towel material lined pockets for when you don’t have a towel handy to dry your hands
  • App that scrolls as you read at perfect pace, regardless of whether you speed up or slow down
  • App that enables you to carbon offset, or donate to a cause, spare change when you’re paying, by rounding up the amount
  • An option to add “carbon offset” (like tips) for product or service, to your bill
  • Disaster early warning app that warns you about tornadoes, earthquakes and alike in time to get away or find shelter
  • News portal that consists only of articles that AI predicts are going to come out tomorrow/in a year
  • Extreme kitchen watching: Pretend chestnuts are popcorn
  • ASCII window/desktop system/UI
  • Pick 10 cliche lines and make a movie around them
  • a matchmaking company uses their data on clients to create a match making party without the guests knowing to create some serendipitous moments

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