Remembering Summer

 Remembering Summer

This is not the let’s-list-all-the-things-that-happened post, I won’t make lists here. Let’s wait for the New Year’s eve for that 🙂

Cold days are starting to kick in. Today, frost covered grass and car windshields in the morning. Whether we like it or not, summer is over and autumn is here to stay for a while.

For those of us who don’t like the cold fall is bringing with it, the only way to stay warm in our minds is remembering summer. The sense of sun and water on our (naked) bodies and the scent of sea (if we’ve been there). Half-empty cities with less traffic than usual may be a loving memory for those who didn’t leave for the coast.

Free time, no school, vacations, playground, holidays, bikinis, sand, beaches, boats, cocktails, fun…

That’s what we are remembering here!

Which part of this summer did you like the most?

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