Take A Break

 Take A Break

You deserve it!

Oh, how I’d like to be there right now, chilling in the warm sun, listening to the waves…
Instead, I sit here and write about it. I could have done worse… this way I get to look at the pretty photo on a big screen imagining how it would look like when I print it on canvas and hang it on a wall beside me for a continuous inspiration 😀
Plus, I get to travel down the memory lane and relive good bits and peaces of my trip there.

Where am I going here? I’m not trying to make you jealous, in fact, you may be in such a place right now thinking “Yeah, Zvonimir, I know the feeling… this is exactly what you’re talking about” and I wish you are (send me photos :))!

Chances are you’re not, and I want you to get the glimpse of it and feel it, take a break from the clutter and calm the mind. Put your good shoes on, some bling and sparkle and get ready for the party! 😀
Party on in front of TV, your computer screen, romantic dinner or the plain old dance night!

What are your plans for tonight?

Btw, if you know this place, things might look a bit Alice-In-Wonderland 🙂

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