White And Fluffy

Because these times are rare and far between, we appreciate them. If every day looked like this, we would take it for granted. Just like we do yellow Sun, and Kriptonians are fascinated when they stop by.

Why can’t we have nice things?

Because we experience our today only compared to our yesterday. If we’re flying high for a while, it’s no longer high. It’s regular.

Does that mean we need the lows to appreciate the highs? Yes and no. We need the experience of change, an anchor point. This is often used in marketing and negotiation.
With the experience of change, and an anchor to compare things to, it’s easier to appreciate good times.

We have a certain capacity to deal with challenges and our minds are naturally attracted to solving problems. That means that in bad times we’ll solve the problems that got us there. It also means that in good times we’ll look for problems and often make them up. That makes our good times feel bad too.

There’s no such thing as fixing all the problems and being happy until the end of time.

Knowing that we give ourselves problems to solve and that we’re always going to be at capacity or close… sucks, on surface.

There’s a huge opportunity to recognize in this and potentially a recipe for living a fulfilling life.

Fill your mind with things worthy of being in it. Empty it daily. You can’t fill something that’s already full.

Pick better problems.

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