French Riviera Adventure – France Sweet France

You’d imagine we had a good night sleep after a great dinner and an all in all awesome day in France and now were eager to see what else France has to offer, but…

No buts really, you’d be right. 😀

Today, Cannes. Movie stars and yachts… and fancy cars… and two awesome people you already know 🙂Drinking Water In Cannes

Super hot days continued, but luckily, you can drink from the fountains and buy a selfie-stick. Really, you can buy a selfie-stick anywhere. There’s an army of people, constantly on the run from the police, covertly selling selfie-sticks from giant bags aka portable selling booths. Gotta admire their dedication. Thinks about making a movie about it.

We met Pinocchio, did some shopping, looked around quite a bit, didn’t get any selfie sticks. Cannes is nice, but (maybe we didn’t see the real Cannes) it’s not Nice, Nice is nicer. See what I did there? I might park my yacht for a few days here, though 😉

Hot as it was, leaving Cannes for a swim in the pool seemed like a good idea.

Pool Jump 2

Refreshingly Icy Peach Prosecco Spritzer

We still had Valbonnes to visit, Cheese Guys to meet, and cheeses to taste. Only one Valbonne and one Cheese Guy, though, but many cheeses!

Cheeses called for drinks called for snacks called for friends called for food… and you got yourself an aperó (gotta love French people) 😀
Add in a photo session, music, dancing and you get a super fun evening.

This glass here is the drink of the evening, and of the summer 2015.  Get yourself one over at Lisa’s where she tells you how to make one 😉

Cherry Tomatos And Mozarella With Fresh Basil

Apero Food

Now that we’ve got that off the table, it’s night already, time to get some sleep, long drive awaits tomorrow…

Fast forward 8 hours and it’s another beautiful French morning. Last of the trip. Quick swim and packing. Took us way longer than planned cause we didn’t feel like leaving, and Lisa didn’t seem to let us leave (“Just this one more thing”).

We’re still stopping in Italy in Lago di Garda, so the trip is not really over yet.

Motor roaring, wheels turning, lake Garda, here we come!

Lago Di Garda

Turns out, lake Garda is so huge it feels like a sea, with cities in Italian style and lots of boats around, I had to taste the water to convince myself it’s not salty! It fit right in between pizza and ice-cream 😀
It was hot and damp like a huge lake on a really hot day (duh). We still had a lot to tumble so we finished our dessert and hit the road.Traffic Jam

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful if we don’t count beautiful evening sky with great clouds, and traffic jam across the whole Slovenia.

Home sweet home?

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