Not So Lonely – Revisited

 Not So Lonely - RevisitedI was here two years ago. Things were different. There was no road, it took some ‘hiking’ on the shore or a boat to get there, and I didn’t have a boat, so guess what it was. 🙂 For the last, toughest part, I went alone, my dad drove me to some point but stayed, no-one was crazy enough to follow me there.

Nevertheless, I felt connected with the nature and with the people of the world. It was positive. Good times.

Fast forward two years. People built a road, now you can drive a car all the way through. The shore as I remembered it was gone. This pier, a lone tree and a small ruin nearby were the only indicators that I’m really back.

But this time I wasn’t alone (nor lonely). I’ve had a wonderful companion, plus there were all these people using the road to check out parts of the nature that they previously weren’t able to. Except, that same road changed the nature they are visiting into something more familiar, less wild, in comparison almost like watching TV or visiting a ZOO.
Since they didn’t know it as it was before, they lost nothing, only gained a new experience, so they were laughing, kids were running around, parents occasionally yelling at them, blissful…
The road will also make the land more alluring to the tourists and/or investors so new houses or hotels may spring up, creating jobs and opportunities for the locals.
And the nature isn’t changed all that much (yet), only the pretty shallow waters and interesting foreground rocks are missing, they surely weren’t thinking of photographers when making this one…

Times change. For better or worse, depends on who you’re asking.

Things change. We adjust.

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