A Peace Of Mind

This beautiful place is situated on south-east of Kostanj cove on island Ugljan, and there isn’t much info I could find about it. Sources don’t agree on most of what I was able to come up with… People either don’t know, or just don’t care. So instead of being a historian, after spitting out little what I found out, I’m going to try to describe you the feeling of being there.

That will make you appreciate the place much more than any (in)accurate historic information could.

This precious thing (st Jerome church) was built in either 13th or 15th century in either Gothic or Romanesque style. Details, eh?
It was rebuilt to a current state in 1996.
through efforts of parishioners and congregation Brethren of the Croatian Dragon“. (Družba “Braće hrvatskog zmaja”). And that’s about it. If you have any more (or more accurate) info, please let me know 🙂

It’s very remote from the nearest place you can come to by car. The usual way I come here is by foot via long, curvy and narrow (about meter or few feet wide) concrete path on the shore where waves occasionally kiss the path.
The concrete part of this path ends before you reach the church so you have to climb up into the thick pine forest and continue your trip. After a while, the forest thins down and you get to see a little glade with a tiny church on it’s highest point on your left and you’re there.

Even in the peak of summer season, you will rarely see people there. Sometimes they put up tents on the glade and spend their afternoon or a night or two but they are mostly just passing by to the Kostanj cove not far away.

After an hour or so walk by the sea, it’s finally time and place to sit down on the thin grass and pine needles, and relax, listen to crickets and wind, enjoy the sun and feel the unity of nature and everything.
Let it sink in and suddenly you have a different perspective on the world and your problems. Just allowing yourself to breathe as the nature breathes, solutions start to represent themselves in a clear and memorable way.

It’s quite unique experience repeatable only by coming there again.

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