Damsel In Distress

Damsel In Distress

“Let’s chase the sunset again.”, he said.
“Sure, there’s a pretty, old, castle an hour away”, she replied like castles aren’t usually old, “but I’m not sure we’ll make it in time.”
“I’m sure it will be fine if we just hurry a bit.”

The truth is… Everybody wants to be saved by somebody.

In the olden days, we had maidens and damsels, Cinderellas and evil sisters, wanting to be saved by prince Charming. Princes and other male folk wanting to be saved by a damsel dear to their heart.

I’m obviously not talking only about physical saving (hence princes). I’m not talking only about fairy tales either.

In modern days we don’t have the same idea of damsels and guys riding horses. But the principle still applies.

How many of you desperately waited for a phone call from that special someone or waited on a chat or social network of your choice for that special someone to get online and eventually contact you and relieve you from your misery, thus saving you?
I know this might not be the best example I could come up with but it’s the one most of us can relate to.

This extends to other aspects of life too and I’m going to let this sink in with you and let your creativity figure this out 😉

I’m leaving you with this question: Who doesn’t want to be saved? You?

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