Keep Up And Above

 Keep Up And Above

It’s not over until it’s over!

Fat ladies sing all the time, don’t get caught up in that misconception 😉

It’s not over until you give up. You heard this before and there is some truth in it: If you think you can or can’t, you’re right.

The thing is, you’re in far better position than this tree!

Even though water may be much closer to your throat, your not tied to a place! You can find a better spot!

But Zvonimir, what if there isn’t higher ground anywhere?” – I hear you ask. Well, SWIM!

These days, you could argue, we already swim most of the time, and waters tend to be stormy and restless.

What now?

All the general advises come down to one simple sentence: Keep your head up and above the surface and you should be fine.

For anything more detailed you’ll have to ask more specific question (comment bellow), we’ll get to that.

I hand you the mic to answer the first question of the and enlighten us.
How do you manage to keep your head above the water?

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