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It’s lonely at the top, they say. Few people ever try to get there, so if you’re one of them, you’re half way there. The other half is being persistent.

The king is dead, long live the king!

There’s always someone to replace you at the top, be remembered by the heritage you leave behind, not the position you held.

Seems to me, people tend to forget this more often than not. They are trying to get that position, hoping it will make a change in their life, they’ll be the boss, have boss salary, life will be beautiful… And if they eventually get there through whatever means, they keep their position by shooting down on those who wanna climb up. I’m sure you’ve seen this all before.

What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Before getting the position
    While aiming at the position, you’re not satisfied, you don’t have what you believe you need or deserve. Someone who’s already in that position, used to be in position you are now and now shoots down on you trying to defend it.
  2. You got the position
    It’s great at first, you finally got it! But now you find yourself in a position everybody wants and paranoia kicks in, you got to hold on “your precious” and you start shooting everybody down. It’s very stressful and you’re not satisfied.
  3. You lost the position
    You were once at the top, everything else is just bellow your league, how could you ever settle for less?
    Unless you’ve come to your senses, you’re probably unsatisfied.

Did you get the pattern already?

And the worst thing is… it’s self-sustained!

How do you fix it?

There is nothing wrong with being at the top, in fact it’s a great feeling!

It’s why and how you got there. In short: Don’t take the trip if you don’t enjoy the ride!
Ride takes most of the time anyway.

Do the thing you love and fall head over heels with it, don’t look back. You’ll probably ace it, that will get you on top whether you like it or not! And nobody will be taking you down cause you’ll be high over their radar!

What if they do? What if they take you down?

Nothing, heck, you’re still doing what you like, and you’re great, nothing changes 😉

I’m interested in your thoughts.
How are you getting to the top? Why do you wanna be there?

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