Mornings On Top

… lead to days on top.

Mornings On Top

I’ve already written about the magic of mornings before. That’s because there is something magical about starting first and being there first. But that’s not all.

There are two obvious ways you can wake up before the Sun. First is obvious, intentional. Basically, you look up the time Sun is getting up tomorrow, subtract some and put it into your alarm clock.
Second is winning the lottery. Get out and party ’till your body gives up. That lands you in bed in a (hopefully) dark room until you regenerate. I estimate, based on experience, 1 out of 10 times, you’ll wake up not too much before the Sun. That gives you 10 to 15 magical mornings a year tops. (That was a crazy year!)

What’s different between those except amount you can get per year?

Winning a lottery is what most people go for. It feels pretty darn good and you only had to “enjoy life” to get there. (I put this in quotes because driving your body to shutdown can get pretty intense if you repeat it enough, but you can’t win if you don’t play, right?).
After you eventually win the lottery, what you do? Well, party, repeat! Life’s good!

Soon it goes to waste again, magic’s gone, gotta play again! ‘Till your body shuts down enough times to win!

What about that obvious first way to get on top?

You have to put in work to find the right time, put it in alarm clock. Than you have to make a plan to do something that motivates you to actually get up when the clock calls your name. Otherwise it’s pretty easy to shoot that nagging sound down, smash the clock, make mental note to buy a new one, and show it your behind.

What then happens is going to blow you away.

Let’s pause a bit and compare the effort and time you put in for both scenarios. Starting with most common way people do it, lottery. You basically have to drive your body to a shutdown 10 times. Remember that last hangover that made you swear to give up drinking? Times ten.
Obvious way is a decision and 15 minutes away from being in motion. Pick the activity you wish to start, pick the time, set the clock.


You’re up and fresh. Plan set before you. Nobody to stop you, all the naggers are turning pillows to the cold side. By the time they are up and clueless, you’re done. Soon they’ll talk how you got lucky. Let them. They don’t understand.

It’s not about sunrises and mornings, it’s about mindset and what you do with them.
Now you know.

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