French Riviera Adventure Announcement

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In a week’s time, Jasmina and I are leaving for French Riviera! Côte d’Azur, here we come!

I’m super-excited about this. It’s gonna be the first real trip I’m doing outside of Croatia. Usually when I venture outside of Croatia, it’s either for dance competitions or some other dance related business.

But let me start from beginning.

I’ve been hanging out with some awesome people with all the cooking and Dancing With The Z series. Azlin, being one of them, introduced us to Lisa, who was all like “I’ve made some tasty pizza, look, here are photos. Why don’t you and Jasmina pop in, it’s only a ten hour drive”. That repeated over and over with lots of great food, and she knows how to cook.

Finally, with Jasmina’s B-day approaching, I caved in and shot Lisa a private message. Basically, she replied something like “Awesome, here are cool stuff you can do while you’re here. And yeah, bring some swim suits and make some leisure time, there’s a pool too.” 😀 So, the logical thing happened… I’m planning trip details.

We’re going through Slovenia and Italy to get to France. We won’t be stopping in Slovenia because it’s going to be dark, but we may or may not stop in Italy 😉

I heard Cannes, Antibes and Nice are great places to visit, what else would you recommend?

We’re planning some cool stuff on the trip. See what happens 😉

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