Poreč Postcard

 Poreč Postcard

Will this ever happen again?

Most likely, not.

We make extraordinary effort in life, to experience different situations. “I wanna live”, we say, “You only live once”, etc.

And we do, as far as modern science can prove, that’s what makes every sunset special, every situation unique and every moment worth living. It’s not repeatable! Not a lot of people think “Why would I look at the sunset, I’ve already seen one”. 😛 (I knew only one such person in my lifetime)

And while it’s all great and adventuristic and lively, it produces great instability. And instability, while it’s very interesting and funny and engaging, can make things collapse, dreams crushed and lives whipped away.

To overcome fear when we’re not strong enough to live up to our expectations of “living this life only once and make it worth it”, we search for stability in our own different ways. Because without the stability we can’t (without extra effort) live through extraordinary situations we wanna tell our grandchildren about.

I’m searching for another sunset like this, what about you?

How do you search for stability in life?

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