French Riviera Adventure – D-day

4 AM. Orangey hue appears on the horizon above the buildings in Zagreb. Two zombie-like creatures stroll around the apartment crossing stuff off the check list.

It’s D-day. Beginning of the great adventure. Next four days road will be our home.

People have done it before, sure. But we didn’t. And what’s better time to start something than now? 🙂

Here’s some background you might be lacking.

With everything tightly packed and bearing gifts for our Italian Kiwi living in France, Sun greeted us while we were filling the tank with gas for the trip (Tesla, model whichever, is still on the wish-list).

Sunrise Greeting

With new energy and alertness this gave us, we marked the road trip started. Nothing’s gonna stop us now!

First stop: Verona! Road To France-w

Sceneries changed.
Clouds came in.
We got lost.
We got found.
Got stuck in traffic.
Got unstuck from traffic.
Found Verona!

I haven’t noticed when the clouds first cleared but it seemed like we picked the sunniest and the hottest days of the year. Temperatures in shade went from 30 to 40°C. Needless to say, when you drive in a car you’re not in the shade and dark asphalt is your best friend. “Air conditioning”, you say? What kind of adventure would that be, might as well watch a movie about it 😛

So what do you do in Verona when it’s super hot? Here’s what we did! 😀

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