Pool Of Wishes

Pool Of Wishes

All your wishes might be collected in a common place to be randomly chosen to be granted. Let’s call this place a Pool Of Wishes (it sounds kinda cool, doesn’t it?)

Every now and then someone capable comes by your Pool and randomly picks one of your wishes and grants it.

Some wishes are harder to make real, and require more work that someone might not be up to. Thus leaves the wish ungranted…

If your Pool is empty, it’s just a sad place to look for them when they pass along.

That means you should have wishes! And you are better of with a handful of small ones, easier to achieve than the big one.
It goes unsaid that those small ones create a mosaic of big picture, big wish, a Dream.

Same goes with your plans!

Break them into smaller pieces easier to achieve.
Then break those again into even smaller ones.
Start one by one and cross out those steps and small pieces.

You’ll see your Dream coming true!

What is in your Pool Of Wishes? What else would you put in it?

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